Hello my lovely readers!

I’m so extremely excited to tell you about this super awesome product that I found while looking for a crisis solution for my older sister who just got engaged and decided she wants to elope to paris and get married just the two of them. No guests. No bridesmaids to help you get read-NADA. So here is the crisis.. Who will zip up the dress for you when you don’t want to reveal the dress to your hubby? This is actually a serious dilemma for a lot of us women who live alone or are simply home alone when getting ready.

That’s when I found the Zippergenie! This is one of the smartest products I have ever come across and it’s made my life much easier. You literally clip it- Zip it- Flaunt it.

You can purchase this genius product on Amazon Plus or on Zippergenie and receive Free Shipping!

Take a look at this video on how easy it is to use- it will truly change your life!

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