Whoolala Brings Independent Fashion Designers From Thai Brands To China And Southeast Asia.

The fashion industry has changed a significant amount over the past few years and continues to do so but not just in new trends and fads but also with technology. No longer is it uncommon for many unknown fashion designer to set up online stores of the latest clothing lines it is actually becoming a norm for anyone wishing to break into the fashion industry. Though many fashion designers dream of high profile fashion shows most will settle for making an honest living from doing what they love. But, having an online store fails to be much use unless you can get your store noticed and this is how Whoolala is changing the fashion world stating in Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia.

What Is Whoolala?

Whoolala is a shopping app currently available to a limited number of markets. It was first launched in 2014 and appeared to be another way users can search and buy a number of items from shoes, accessories to clothing. Whoolala is does more than provide users with another online store. It provides users with more than just the latest fashion trends, styles and brands. Whoolala is an app that can be specifically tailored to show its users they type of fashion and styles that interests them. It leaves out the unnecessary and bantering and instead gathers information on recent searches, followed designers and friend styles to suggest some of the latest products that will specifically interest you. You no longer have to mindlessly search through hundreds of images of styles you do like or items that won’t fit. It has elevated to online retail shopping experience to make it more convenient and enjoyable for the user.

Not only does Whoolala provide you with products you will like but it provides you with some of the latest styles from a variety of designers known and unknown. This is not just beneficial for shoppers but can be a huge advantage for fashion designers.

How undiscovered designers are getting their brands noticed through Whoolala?

Where most fashion designers diligently work to get their brands and lines noticed by large companies in hopes of be offered a deal or contract Whoolala is making it easier for fashion designers to get noticed much quicker. Independent designers can submit their portfolios to go through a screening process and can be featured on the Whoolala app. This can open up a whole new market for designers.

Another way designers can benefit from the Whoolala app because it connects their fashion directly to their target audience. Now designers are being seen and noticed by the individuals who seek out their styles. Whoolala is making it easier for designers and clients to find each other. Using an app like Whoolala allows new designers who have either just graduated or are just starting out in the business to get noticed within a shorter amount of time.

Whoolala is offering using a unique and new way to not only shop on the go but discover the latest trends and designers. You longer have to search and search through items that you have no interest in and instead can look through only the types of products that do. Fashion designer and customer both benefit from the Whoolala app and it can definitely change a number of things for the fashion industry.

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