When words cannot say enough…Impress Her!

Just a few more days until the day which we celebrate Love and Romance- Valentine’s Day! Are you looking for that remarkable gift which (without words) will tell what you really feel?…

Let’s be serious- Chocolates, flowers and candy are great but flowers die and edibles get eaten within days (or if you’re anything like me they will be eaten within the hour) so in reality there will be nothing left to remember those special moments and memories which were created.

Why not think outside of the box this February and step up the WOW factor for your loved ones. There are plenty of great things for Valentine’s Day that I guarantee will impress that “special someone” in your life (or, at least help you on your way).

So as a woman, fashion stylist and blogger I think it’s safe to say I know first hand what women want. We love things that make us feel special, loved and beautiful. This is why Jewelry is the answer to all your Valentine’s Day problems. Jewelry and accessories stay with us forever and every time we put them on we go through a magical time machine which remind us of that special moment when this gift was given to us. Jewelry simply enhances the natural beauty that every woman desires- So what is more romantic and memorable than that?

For those out there who don’t express their emotions and feelings on a regular basis, this gift idea is even better suitable for you! When you can’t express yourself or when words cannot say enough… Impress her! Women dig that!

Brasa Canela offers sparkling pieces which are unique and are sure to make a mark in your life story. This marks a valuable symbol to the person you choose to share your life with. Valentine’s Day will pass but this delicate and treasurable gift; will keep the best memories alive.


So there you have it, the best advise someone will give you this Valentine’s Day. Get out there and Impress her without even having to speak with the best gift of all- Jewelry from Brasa Canela!

Their Collection consists of 160 unique jewellery designs, which are sold internationally across The Netherlands, Switzerland and Brazil. Brasa Canela also offers highly personalized customer service with worldwide jewellery shipments for exceptional orders.
But no matter what you decide to do this Valentine’s Day, enjoy every moment and let romance bloom. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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