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Uno De 50

Hi guys!

This next post is about a site that I came across while surfing the net for some new Fall/ Winter accessories to update my look. As you know I love to update my wardrobe by simply updating my jewellery. It’s inexpensive, easy and you don’t have to try anything on for size!

Uno De 50 Jewellery is fantastic if you’re in the market for original jewelry. Their selection of unique pieces is endless!
This fabulous Spanish brand was established in the 90’s by a creative and hands on team of people who devoted themselves to creating unique styles of accessories that wasn’t anywhere else on the market.
Their style of jewellery is a mix of modern with traditional which is fantastic for both men and women who appreciate high quality trendy and original pieces.
What I loved most about their collection is that you can incorporate the Silver necklaces for women  (or any other pieces really) into your everyday life, it doesn’t necessarily have to be worn for a special occasion. Every item on the site is super versatile and fun!

After ordering myself a few silver necklaces for women I found myself hooked.

As the co-founder of TrendyBloggers, I have researched and given chances to many brands of jewellery but they were always lacking something, whether it was quality or originality, I was never fully satisfied.
I’ve had my pieces from UnoDe50 for about 5 months and they are still as shiny and bright as day 1.

Take a look at a few of my Favourite necklaces:

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They give great advice on their site on how to care for your pieces.
Like any other jewellery it is suggested that you:
-Store your pieces in a plastic bag (either in their original packaging or in a box).
-Try to keep them away from contact with air and with direct sunlight, both of which will tarnish your jewellery.
-Avoid contact with water- take your jewellery OFF before showering!

UNOde50 is now in over 40 countries with over 100 Boutiques in European fashion capitals such as Paris, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Berlin as well as major cities in the US such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, San Diego, Las Vegas and many more.
If you’re ever in any of those areas make sure to check out their stores not only for the gorgeous pieces but also for the exquisite architecture.

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