Top Celebrities Who Look Amazing Without Makeup

Top Celebrities Who Look Amazing Without Makeup

No makeup? No problem. This could be the slogan for the few celebrities that have no problem stepping out without makeup. We have all seen those shocking pictures of celebrities without makeup. While it could be true that some of these celebs really look completely different without makeup, some of them are definitely not scared to show the world their natural makeup free faces. As essential as it is for celebrities to always look their best when going out in the public, some celebrities can flaunt their natural beauty without a second thought. Here is a list of some of these blessed natural beauties:


beyonce without makeup

There is no denying the fact that Queen Bee is a perfect natural beauty. Having been crowned the world’s sexiest and most beautiful woman a couple of times through the past years, the sassy talented singer and mother has never disappointed her fans even when she is not wearing makeup. That doesn’t mean though that she looks otherwise with makeup. Beyoncé always looks even more stunning when wearing makeup. The sexiest woman tag was totally worth it!

Kim Kardashian

kim k without makeup

Kim Kardashian is a reality TV star, which only means that more often than not, we are bound to see her makeup free face. Her flawless skin is a definite booster for her natural beauty. The curvaceous beauty is also famous for posting no-makeup selfies on social media. We love her curves, but we definitely love her no-makeup face more. This brunette can easily pull it off with a makeup free face any day as her fans have witnessed. She even looks greater with her always top notch makeup.

Jennifer Lopez

JLo without makeup

Lopez’s popularity can be fairly attributed to her stunning Latin beauty. J-Lo, as she is popularly known, has graced our TV screens in highly rated movies such as Maid in Manhattan and Enough where in most cases she wears no makeup but still looks amazing. With her flawless skin, the singer cum actress is definitely a favourite to many when it comes to natural beauty. Additionally she is not afraid to show her makeup free face to her fans on Instagram and other social media sites.

Demi Lovato

without makeup

Although we are used to seeing her with makeup on point, here is another stunning brunette whose natural beauty is undeniable. Demi Lovato frequently shares beautiful #NoMakeupMonday selfies on Instagram that prove just how she can pull it off without makeup any day, anytime and anywhere. She even suggested in one of her posts that the hash tag #NoMakeupMonday should be made official! This gorgeous singer clearly loves her no-makeup face.

Lady Gaga

gaga without makeup

We all know Lady Gaga’s strange liking for crazy makeup. But who knew just how beautiful she looks without makeup? For most people who are used to seeing Lady Gaga with crazy and overrated makeup, it is surprisingly difficult to recognize her without makeup. She looks completely different, in a good way of course, wearing no makeup. Even as we love to hate her crazy makeup, we have a reason to love her natural beauty because it doesn’t make us go gaga.



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