To LOB or Not to LOB – That is the Question!


I’ve been contemplating doing the LOB for quite some time now, and just for the record, it was before Kim k went and did it for the Grammys!
It’s something I’ve been going back and forth with… I know it’s JUST hair but like 80 % of my fashion girls my hair is my look- it’s my safety blanket.

I’m not trying to toot my own horn in any way but that’s the one thing I always got noticed and picked out for; was having great hair. And (style) can’t forget about that. I will give credit where credit is due- that is the two things I’m gonna say I have, and I promise you will never hear me brag about myself again- that was the end of it. Scouts honor!

Now onto my many many flaws- I’ve had the same look for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately I’m a fashion girl who experiments only with clothes and not so much my hair and makeup. Hey- don’t judge me, change can be a scary thing!
I love love love when I see a fashion girl who changes her look though, I find it so incredibly inspiring! It oozes self-confidence and self-worth!

Now all this being said, I did go from wearing my hair curly all the time which is what God naturally gifted me with to wearing it wavy -wavy hair woopdy doo- every girl (not even JUST fashion girls) literally every girl wears her hair this way. It’s completely out dated and not chic- This is why I’ve been glued to Pinterest trying to find a new hairstyle for myself.  And that’s when the LOB started trending. What can I say I’m a sucker for a good trend.

 It wasn’t until yesterday I was having a deep fashion conversation with my soul sister (Muska) shout out to her – she completely schooled me in my knowledge of fashion. The conversation started about the Kanye collaboration with Adidas and what my thoughts were and let me tell you- that is one girl who knows more than me about the background and influence of fashion. You guys will hear her name again, I’m planning on doing a feature of her on my blog- I think it’s the right thing to do to introduce her fashion goodness to my readers! She’s not only a doll but one inspiring talented human being.

 Anyway back to the LOB- at the end of our debate she mentioned how she thinks I should go for the LOB, and when she said it a voice started echoing in my head “If the fashion guru suggests it then you must go with your gut and just DO IT already!” Muska has a vision, she’s an artist and I value her opinion immensely so if she thinks I should do it then I’m gonna do this. All I needed was that little bit of push. 

I now have 4 more days with my long hair until my appointment at Rinaldo’s with the infamous Fiorella. Now that’s another local talent! Not only is she beautiful but my God is she ever so talented!!  If you’re ever in the city you really need to pay her a visit, she’s a transformer who understands beauty, fashion, style, and hair!

That’s it for now my lovely readers; I will be in front of the mirror saying my last words for the next 4 days. Here are a few pics of my long hair, stay tuned for my new cut!!


photo 4 (1)

me and chow chow December 2014

photo 3 (3)

June 2014

photo 2 (3)

May 2013

photo 1 (4)

January 2014

photo 1 (3)

Loving the Ombre on this LOB credits: Pinterest

photo 2 (2)

The Perfect LOB

photo 3 (2)

Fellow Fashion Blogger “sincerelyjules”

photo 4

Jessica Alba rocking the LOB


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