If you’re anything like me you are always on the lookout for the BEST sneaker cleaner around. With winter in full force nothing seems to stay clean anymore especially my white sneakers that I like to pair with everything I wear.


So here it is people The Best sneaker Cleaner around TightWipes.

TightWipes is the new, quick and easy way to clean all your sneakers, shoes and belongings. The ultimate in convenience! TightWipes is a specially formulated, pre-moistened, luxury, handy wipe that cleans and renews dirty shoes, boots, sneakers and much more. Don’t ruin your kicks with bleach wipes or other kind of chemicals that weren’t meant for shoes.

TightWipes was developed by a Sneakerhead who was tired of the hassle of other sneaker cleaners on the market. He was looking for a fast and efficient way to clean and keep his kicks looking fresh and new. With this idea he went to a chemical engineer and in the lab they developed a special cleaning formula, which is The Best Sneaker Cleaner on the planet!

And as my royal duty I am sharing the ultimate secret to my sparkling white sneakers with you.

Available at https://www.tightwipes.com



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