The Perfect Pillow

How choosing the perfect pillow will positively impact your health & comfort

There are now more bedding variations available than ever before. You can be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed since it’s been a while since its been a long time since you attempted to upgrade your current pillows and duvets.

To make sure your next attempt goes much smoother, we have teamed up with and put together these tips on what to consider when buying pillows.

perfect pillows

Your sleeping style

We all have our preferred position to sleep whether we realize it or not. We either sleep on our stomachs, back or on our sides and each sleep position requires a different type of pillow to get the best sleep possible.

If you happen to be a stomach sleeper the best pillow for you is a particularly soft one. Your neck needs gentle support and a soft pillow provides this as your head sinks into it.

If you are more of a side sleeper you are much better off going for a firmer, harder pillow. This is because you need to keep your head and spine aligned to avoid waking up with a sore neck. Depending on the width of your shoulders it is often recommended to invest in both a firm pillow and a softer one, this will give you the correct support you need.

For those of who prefer sleeping on their backs, a pillow of medium firmness is the best option. You want to make sure there is enough support your neck and shoulders. For more information here is some great spinal advice for sleeping from Spine Health.

modern-bedroom-ideas-pertaining-to-modern-bedroom-design-platform-bed-modernwebloroxyz Pillow fillings

 Thanks to the ever developing science of duvet and pillow fillings there are more options than ever. The most common synthetic pillow is a hollow fibre pillow. This comes in a number of variations, firmness and fibre combinations. For example, Microfibre hollowfibre is created to have a super soft light feel and they are engineered for a specific purpose. You also have the options of the memory foam pillows which has become an increasingly popular type of pillow in recent years.

Another recent development is the anti-allergy pillow. These pillows were created after realizing that studies showed 50% of all asthmatic conditions and 25% of all allergies are caused by dust mites which love to live in beds and bedding. If you suffer from allergies or have an asthmatic condition, these could be a great option for you and are still as comfortable as any other.

Aside from all these synthetic pillows are the ever present natural filled pillows. The three common fillings are goose, duck and down and each present a different quality. Those stuffed with goose feathers are generally the most luxurious as it is known the feathers are bigger than others, meaning they trap air and create a light, warm, and soft pillow.


Pillow sizes

 Pillow size is not only important for your body shape and size but also important because you want it to look aesthetically pleasing. Pillow sizes range from a standard size, super king size all the way to s a cot bed size. A standard pillow will fit fine on any single bed and it will take two to cover the width of any standardized double bed. Super king pillows are designed to fit double beds which are are larger as the name tends to suggest, while it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to work out what a cot size is created for.

Hope the pillow talk helped you figure out what kind of pillow you need and to think twice before purchasing pillows without proper research and advise from the professionals.

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