Summer Nights Are Better in Lavanya Coodly

Warmer nights are fast approaching and that means rooftop soirées with incredibly flattering sunset light and breathtaking views. Romance and glamour reign supreme in the summer months, your style pairs perfectly with the season. This summer you’ll be the life of the party in Lavanya Coodly gowns made to stun both onlookers and the wearer.


Lavanya Coodly has been crafting beautiful clothing since childhood. The intricate beadwork on her delicately sewn silk gowns show much care and effort went into the garment’s creation, giving the wearer a feeling of pride. There’s no better feeling than waltzing into the party with a gentle glide, the fabric of your clothing moving seamlessly with you. When you’re wearing a Coodly piece, you’re wearing natural fabrics that are meant to move with you and keep you looking effortless and poised.

There are evening parties galore in the summer months, so why not make a splash in an exceptionally made gown? Try a beautiful Lavanya Coodly dress like the Bella gown: exquisitely decorated in crystals, the 100% silk gown flows neatly to your toes and sways hypnotically with each step you take. The Bella gown looks glamorous and alluring, with city lights as its backdrop and you as its model. Coodly adds some practicality to each of her gowns, including hidden pockets, making them perfect for the party goer who likes to remain hands free.

Summer is the ideal month for the creations of Lavanya Coodly, as she offers styles that are both fashion forward and comfortable, keeping the wearer in fabrics that make them feel as easy as the summer breeze. If you’re looking to dance and casually sip champagne in the moonlight, Lavanya offers the Tara gown to you. The silk-satin, strapless gown will sparkle on the dance floor as you move, delicately draped with an overlay of silver flowers. Thanks to Lavanya Coodly, you’re transformed into the dancing queen of the night, with your beautifully feminine gown lighting up the floor.

Natural fabrics and intricate details are just a couple highlights of wearing a Lavanya Coodly piece. The greatest outcome will be you feeling like you’re a star when you slip into one of her gowns, made to fit the confident, lively woman who’s not afraid to have fun. You’ll feel beautiful and look beautiful in the soft silks and eye-catching beadwork designed by Coodly. To get your taste of a magical night, shop the Lavanya Coodly collection at-

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