StyleArt This next post is about a site I came across while trying to put a weekend outfit together thats casual yet edgy.

StyleArt is a group of passionate people working together to provide useful and honest experiences to businesses that are in need for quality services. Their goal is to keep their services competitive and meet the highest demand needs.

They have a vast variety of graphics on all sorts of items, from mugs, to hats, to shoes, to hoodies. You can really have fun shopping on this site!


Check out a few of my favourite pieces for a casual fall/winter day.

Lets start with these cool Espadrilles that can be paired with a cute pair of boyfriend jeans.


8ca6ad032da49d7871ccb46f3b46ee5cNext Lets talk about this awesome Graphic V-neck Tee that would go perfect with the boyfriend jeans to give it some character and some edge.




I also love this look with one of their signature hoodies, as shown below:



Now for some accessories that can be used on a day to day basis:

7021077e2239e78788556d77e05778b8_thumb 9587df66928af906ee81649f43398873

The cool part about Styleart is that you can choose your own canvas print and have fun with your creative side!

Happy shopping!!

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