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This post is about a fantastic site I came across while in search for unique pieces which I know is something most of us struggle with. The Shaveli story is something I know we can all relate to and appreciate.

This is a quote from The Shaveli story which I think will demonstrate how passionate this brand is in providing unique and desirable pieces for the consumer.

“I always thought most clothing was boring… I’ve spent a lifetime trying to find unique things to wear. When I did, it was far from affordable, and everything seemed to be cursed by the same spell.There are these invisible rules that the fashion industry blindly follows, like having exactly 2 or 3 buttons and two pockets on each side of a blazer. I felt a desperate lack of creativity that was lost between handmade clothing and the swelling sea of mass-produced fashion.”

See what I mean? I love this story because so many of us have been there, looking for fashionable pieces store after store and nothing that wows us. Well we are in luck- Shaveli has created clothing that is a naturally unique form of self-expression, one that would be as artistic as music or dance.

Shaveli is all about Being the best you and never settling for less- As we all know clothes are the ensemble of instruments that lead the dance of your self-expression; a harmonious embrace of who you are and who you’re becoming. When your dress is pitch-perfect with your personality, you instantly become more confident, more radiant, more you which is the ultimate goal when shopping for apparel.

The Shaveli woman is an elegant rebel. She is fearless in the face of risk and favored by fortune for her bravery. She is smart, confident and creative. She stands for excellence and high values. She encourages you to take action and stand for something, to love and embrace yourself. She genuinely believes in making a difference, because she is created differently.

Shaveli was created for the woman who doesn’t follow the rules and has no interest in the status quo. She is comfortable with herself and makes a pronounced statement wherever she goes. And though she may be too bold for some, she is impossible to ignore.

Shaveli is all about breaking the rules. Their motto is to flirt with the limits of elegance. Alter and reinvent standard symmetry. The Shaveli woman wraps herself in fascinating, one-of-a-kind, wearable art. Shaveli designs encourage you to become the best you. Their message is to proudly show the world who you are. Inspire others to challenge their doubts and fears, and to take on the world.

Every Shaveli design begins with an emotion. Sketched by Cuban-American Designer Chaveli Cepero, drafts become perfection, those perfections are hand-painted, and those paintings are then digitized. In the two-months it takes for each design, no detail is overlooked. Every size is meticulously recreated to ensure the perfect fit.

In Shaveli fashion, lines flow harmoniously with the body’s natural symmetry and motion. The colours, shapes and fit fall perfectly into place, evoking emotions that embody individuality, self-confidence and your extraordinary persona.

And now for some inspiring pieces…RedHeartTop_slider_sharp (1) PurpleScoopNeck_slider_sharp BlackJacket_silder_sharp BlackSwirl_slider_sharp WineSwirl_slider_sharp

January 30, 2016

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