How to Rock Boots in August


The phrase ‘less is more’ seems to encapsulate our summers here in Britain, as we get energetically excited whenever the clouds part and reveal a glimmer of sunshine. Shorts, crop tops, flip flops and suncream at the ready; we often overestimate the length that the heat will wrap our bodies up instead of our beloved cosy fabrics. However, when it comes to our strenuous outdoor activities, it’s not always wise to leave the house scantily clad, no matter what the weather forecast predicts. No, you don’t need to switch your knee highs for sandals, and no you don’t need to trade your stirrup leggings for hot pants because yes, you can absolutely still rock your riding boots in the summer.

Though you may be worried about your toes suffering from that claustrophobic heat enclosed shoes can sometimes cause, it’s England and it’s not as ridiculous as it may seem. Boots never go out of season, if keeping on trend is what bothers you, but the practical properties that come from wearing your riding boots will benefit your feet in the long run – so it’s worth bearing in mind. Jodhpur boots are a great alternative for the summer months, as they are shorter and use less fabric, allowing feet to breath and make them extremely versatile to style with less clothing.

Also referred to as Chelsea or ankle boots, Jodhpurs can come in a rainbow of colours and styles with detailing, gussets, treads, soles and sizes for both men, women and children. They are easy to slip on and off and are very comfortable, allowing you to take on numerous outdoor activities without having to stress over how you’re going to get the dirt out of your toes!

Jodhpurs are no nonsense – without zips or laces, if you fancy a paddle in the stream or a stretch in the sand you can slide them off comfortably without any hassle and whip them back on to continue your journey. My wardrobe is full of the beauties – I have my trusty black leather booties that I have exhausted with wear, my special red suede ankle boots that I team with my red boho satchel and then I also have some tan coloured ones for when I’m feeling a little more summery! I’ve had my eye on a pair of cobalt blue ones from The Spanish Boot Company, which will look incredible with a new navy fringed jacket I purchased last week… so the collection is definitely looking to expand!

I’ve thrown together a little montage of styling ideas to help you envision a summer with your chelsea boots – whether you are taking your noble steed for a ride in the fields or simply shopping in a local market, the diversity of their size and comfort can take you along the unbeaten paths or the familiar roads…


Team some tan boots with distressed denim shorts and an oversized shirt for an effortless casual look, or layer up in some ripped jeans and a cami top and cardigan for understated cool that will keep you warm when the temperature starts to fall.



Exude bohemian princess like Jessica Alba in her floral midi skirt and leather ankle boots, be sure to carry a cropped jacket with you to take you from day to evening.

The gypsy girl look goes hand in hand with fringed totes and suede shoes, so don’t be scared to mix up textures and fabrics for a trend led look.



If you have any August festivals still lined up then use Jodhpurs as a lighter and more sunshine friendly alternative to wellies! They still keep your feet safe and resistant from those muddy fields and wet weather, but they’ll feel more comfortable and look bad-ass.

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