RasaVilJewelry is by a young artist from Lithuania who is a painter and also designs beaded embroidery jewelry.

Colour is the most important element to RasaVilJewelry and this requires maximum reflection which combines the jewelry. Colour does not loose it’s relevancy in their collection, however new component such as relief appears. Exact relief decides the combination of forms and colours and that is how the designer decides between sharp and rough ( stone, coral, quartz) parts and creates the range of solid jewelry. RasaVilJewelry Collection began by  balancing between soft and hard surfaces as well as rough lines and soft tones. There is a strong form of contrast which appears as a result between the feminine and non- feminine concept and the contemporary and historical icon of women.

The second stage of RasaVilJewelry is working with photographer Elvina Janušonyte who is given the task to combine the feminine softness with the rough ornament of jewelry and she is to bring to life and create the impression of ambivalent photography through the image of a contemporary woman.

Elvina Janušonyte depicts a sensitive and artistic human existence with painful and brutal charm of melancholy. The most fascinating part is that you can feel the duality in the pictures. Breathing of clean and quiet illusion intertwines through painful and sometimes dull glance of a woman, this  illustrates the indifference that intertwines with sexuality.  The boredom, sadness, tenderness and romanticism prevail in the pictures and oppose the rashness and masculinity of the woman’s status and the existential boredom. The rough surfaces, sharp angles and colours of the jewelry contrast with the gentle model of a woman which is extremely beautiful and mesmerizing.

These elements from RasaVilJewelry symbolize the strength and courage of a sensitive woman`s body and further illustrate her contemporary position in society.

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Take a look at some of these inspiring pieces:

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