Purse Raincoat for your handbags

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Purse Raincoat for your handbags

Are you one of those people who have to check the weather report before deciding which purse to carry? Unfortunately, if you are staying in cities like New York which is one of those cities in United Stated where it most often have days when it’s raining or snowing. Wet days often limit the number of days where you can bring your favourite expensive purse out. The reason is simple, snow and rain water can be very damaging towards your handbags. If rain water dripped onto the surface of your handbag and is not cleansed immediately off from your handbag, it may potentially leave permanent water stain on your handbags. According to purse cleaning experts, rain stain is one of the most common problems they see when purses are send in for cleaning.

This explained why CloverSac decided to design raincoat specifically for handbags. The Purse Raincoat is one of the latest additionals to CloverSac full range of purse accessories such as base shaper, purse organizer insert, bag hangers etc.

If you are wondering how a raincoat for a handbag looks like? Just check out the two photos below. The first picture is fitted with a Kate Spade handbag while the second is fitted into a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM.



To slip this rain cover into your handbag, you first open the Velcro opening on to. You slip your handbag from the open bottom and fasten the handles using the top Velcro opening. The opening on top is wide so that it can cater handbags of different sizes. It can fit into a tote, a crossbody, hobo and satchel without any big problem. Following are pictures of how you fasten the top opening of this rain cover.


HandbagRainCoverCloverSacThe material used to make this purse raincoat is PEVA which is 100% waterproof. It is the same material used to make raincoat and umbrella. It is also translucent so that your handbag inside is still visible, making you stylish even on a rainy day as well.

Each purse raincoat comes with a small pouch for storage. The entire design is durable yet lightweight making it easy to be carried around.

To find out more about CloverSac ‘ purse raincoat, please visit cloversac.com/purse-rain-cover/


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