Planning To Get Yourself In Shape In 2016?

“I am going to lose weight” or “I am going to get into shape” are some of the most popular New Years resolutions and this year will not be any different. The difficulty many have is the sheer amount of supplements, diets and fitness regimes available and finding the right one for you. If the world of health and fitness is something that confuses you then fear not, here are 3 simple but effective pans of action to get you into shape in the New Year.

Eat right

There are so many diets which run in a circle of trend. They are often adopted by us because of celebrity endorsements and we tend to somehow trust them more if our favourite sports star/reality star has endorsed them. There is no saying these won’t work for you, but there is a much better chance that there is a far better suited diet for you.

Getting into shape or shedding a few pounds all comes down to moderation. Loosing weight can be relatively easy for some people because they are happy to drastically alter their diet, their only problem is it is often unliveable. It is much more sustainable to alter your diet slowly so you can find a healthier way of living which you will be happy to maintain. One of the most minute changes you can make which could make a huge impact is meal sizes. This is well explained here by Healthy Eating.

Join a health club

Changing your diet will help you lose some of that festive holiday weight, but if you want to get into shape you’re going to have to do some exercise. Gym culture has exploded over the last 5-10 years, so finding work out routines for your specific wants and needs is easier and more readily available than its ever been.

Understandably the gym makes some people feel uncomfortable for a variety of reasons, but thankfully there is a way around this which doesn’t involve spending a fortune on a home gym. Signing up to a health club instead of just a gym offers plenty more ways to get into shape which you might be more comfortable with.

Speaking to The Shrewsbury Club, they explained how their variety of classes brings in people who aren’t interested in the gym. “Because we have a pool, tennis courts and lots of different fitness classes, we attract a whole spectrum of people looking to get into shape or keep fit who have little or no interest in our gym. Some people enjoy the social aspect of classes like Zumba whereas others prefer playing sport, whether its individual or team based.”

Cut Back

Probably the hardest thing about getting to shape is putting aside some of your bad habits. Whether its smoking, drinking or simply chocolate, we all have them. The worst thing you ca do is jump in at the deep end and drop everything because lets face it, it’s only going to make January the worst month in existence, so similarly to dieting, it is all about moderation.

Why not try cutting back to begin with, easing your way to a place where your wants and needs for your particular bad habit is relatively smaller than it is currently. This method of cutting back is recommended by iCanQuit and is a much more realistic option for the majority of us.

As for the big drinkers out there, cutting back on the booze can massively help your fitness drive because of the sheer amount of calories in your average night out. For example, a bottle of wine is around a third of the recommended daily calorie intake. For the men in particular, cutting back on beer will really make a difference to that frustrating beer belly which tends to sneak up on them.

To help you calculate your intake and how much you can cut back, try this rethinking drinking calculator.

There is no questioning that The beginning of the new year is going to be testing if you are looking to get into shape. Its not going to be easy, but the more effort you put in the more you will feel the benefits. Remember to find a routine that works for you and don’t be put off by places like gyms, because there are so many other ways to keep fit and active.

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