Picking out Antique Jewellery You Know He Will Love

You will probably have heard by now, every man must own a decent watch during his lifetime. Making this a vintage or antique watch just adds to the value and uniqueness behind the watch, so there’ll be a deeper appreciation from the recipient.




If you feel as though you are going in blind though, this is no surprise as choosing gifts for men can be tricky enough let alone jewellery. On top of this, the vintage watch and jewellery market is full of fakes and opportunists looking to make quick cash.

Knowing where to start

Finding a reputable seller is on the top of your priority list. For example, Kalmar Antiques have been an established antique jewellery store since 1986 and their reputation complements their three decades worth of high quality products and professional customer service. This is why it’s worth searching for a reliable dealer, so you know whatever you buy you are getting good value and the highest quality. So here’s what you need to do:

➢ Do your research
➢ Network and talk to various collectors
➢ Sign up to digital forms, track posts and ask lots of questions
➢ Learn more about the brands and styles of watches you think he will like

How to pick out the perfect antique jewellery

You want to think about what qualities the man you’re buying for values in his accessories and past watches or accessories. What style of strap is his favourite? What brands does he love? These are the types of questions you need to be asking yourself before making any big decisions.

Follow these guidelines to make sure you don’t go wrong when choosing the perfect vintage watch:

➢ If it’s a watch you go for, what type of watch will he like?

The type or genre of a watch will be a massive differentiator. There are five main types, but in the vintage category, you will see some appearing more than others. You can get:

• The diving watch
• The dress watch
• The aviator watch
• The driving watch
• The minimalist watch

Considering his lifestyle and which watches he has loved in the past will be a massive factor to choosing one he loves now. If he loves action-packed adventures, the driving, diving or aviator may be for him. On the other hand, if he is constantly attending meetings or in the office, the dress or minimalist watches may be preferable.

➢ Consider the strap size

Antique watches come in a variety of strap sizes and if he is a regular watch wearer, he will have a preference. Try and discover which fits him best, so he can be comfortable with what you decide to go for. Most cases, the diameter will be between 34-44mm but some men can have thinner wrists.

➢ Which is his favourite historical period?

If he is a man who is into his history, you will want to consider this when buying your antique jewellery. Whether you are buying cufflinks, watches or more you need to think which era is most precious to him. When you start shopping you should look within these categories. Kalmar Antiques has a wonderful vintage section of Rolex watches for men, click here to check them out!

Considering these points will help you make an informed decision. There are many wonderful antique jewellery items for men so it’s good to have a navigation route set and discover something he will truly appreciate.

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