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In two weeks time I am attending my first ever christening – I have literally no idea what happens other than apparently we wet the babies head in a church and then go and have some cake afterwards. That is the extent of my Christening knowledge. I had been fretting over what to wear to such a formal event for quite some time – so much so, that I completely forgot about getting the little darling a present! Now I am outfit-less and without a gift to present the beautiful baby and her family, the stress is really on. I mean, what do you even buy for a baby? At the shower we bought all sorts of wonderful presents for both the parents and the little babba-to-be… there wasn’t much that was left on the list. We had handmade albums, baby clothes, care accessories, toiletries and even a spa day for the proud mummy…

I don’t remember my christening at all, as I doubt most people can, but what I do have to recall my special day is a tiny little silver bangle engraved with my name. Apparently my god-parents graced me with it at my christening and my family have numerous photographs of me wearing it in my lovely white gown and blankets. I still cherish the sweet gift dearly and keep it in a little memory box along with my first pair of white booties!

When you’re a baby you don’t need things like cash or gift cards, you don’t need make-up or beauty products, nor do you want concert tickets or ‘date nights’ to celebrate your special occasions. What you want as a child, are things you can grow up with and treasure as a piece of momentum from an event you perhaps can’t recall at all. I mean, if it wasn’t for my precious bangle and a couple of old photos, you could probably convince me that mine never even happened!

Anyway, I was considering all types of christening present ideas that would be memorable to have as an older child looking back on their babyhood and I just couldn’t come up with anything better than a piece of long lasting jewellery. I researched a couple of silver specialists when I stumbled onto Hold Upon Heart’s website and discovered their amazing fingerprint charm jewellery. From a range of silver or gold necklaces, charms, bracelets, leather goods, rings and key rings, you can select and personalise a piece of jewellery that will have your finger, hand, foot or paw print engraved onto them!

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Well, I was so astounded at the beauty and quality of Hold Upon Heart’s products that I gave it a whirl and opted for a very delicate little sterling silver necklace complete with the babies birthstone and initials. I chose the option that allows me to purchase the design and get sent a gift wrapped printing kit so that I can gift the family the kit, and in their own time they can take the child’s prints and get it sent off and made into a fantastic and lasting piece of charm jewellery!

On my hunt I also came across some other super adorable ideas for personalised christening presents, so take a look below for more inspiration!

Ornamental Keepsakes                                                  Personalised My First Tooth Boxes








Personalised Lyric or Text             Pillows                                           Photographic Memoirs





Customised Religious Gifts                                                        Special silverware or cutlery





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