Peonies Flowers

It’s safe to say my favorite flower is the peony. They are full of body, rich in color and I find them absolutely breathtaking. Fresh cut flowers and bouquets are gorgeous accents for your home. And who knows, you might even use them for a wedding some day…

What bride doesn’t love peonies!? They are a beautiful, fragrant, truly an effortless flower! They are gorgeous designed with other pretty florals and they are naturally stunning on their own. You can place single stems in a cute vessel of choice or you can easily group 4-5 stems together for a sweet bouquet. These beautiful blooms will definitely brighten up your home, office, reception or dinner table with their vibrant yellow centers!

I love their frilly ruffles of petals and it always amazes me how such a beautiful flower can bloom from such a small tight hard bud. Their season is very limited, usually May to July, so go get some before they’re all gone! You can buy them from Florists, supermarkets and garden centres. You look after them by cutting the stems on a slant with scissors and placing them in a clean vase with fresh water. Remove a good proportion of the leaves, especially those below water level, to help the stems drink enough water to supply the large flower heads. Do keep them in a cool place, as they’re sensitive to temperature.

Peonies Flowers

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