Pack for your Memorial Day Getaway with Sophie Mae

We all are waiting for that three-day Memorial Day weekend to hit so we can finally escape our mundane routines, even if it is for a short while. You can leave your responsibilities behind, but you can never forget to bring your style. You’ve been planning your trip for weeks in advance, but when it comes time to pack… let’s be honest, you do it the night before. For the professional procrastinators out there, it is done in a frenzy five minutes before the trip. Don’t let that happen to you this getaway, and let Sophie Mae Style help you feel prepared and fashionable.


It seems to be a universal rule that goes without saying: when you go on a vacation you suddenly feel the urge to bring out the pieces that you would never wear in your everyday life. As the date of your vacation creeps closer (although, not fast enough), the underlying pressure to look brand new in a new place also increases. This can often lead to you feeling uncomfortable and out of place with your new “vacation style”. But when you enlist the expertise of Sophie Mae Style, she won’t just help you look amazing on your trip, she will also help you look amazing for life.

With her impeccable sense for style and color, Sophie Mae can really make you feel like “that” girl on your vacation and continue to help you turn heads back home. Her style maxim is not at all about making everyone look trendy or forcing you to conform to her own style bias. With one glance, her fashion genius motors get to work and she has already figured out what will best suit your body type and what colors will be the most flattering for your skin tone. It’s almost like a superpower, and one magical hour with Sophie Mae will remind you that not all superheroes wear capes. Sometimes, they have cute bangs and a killer sense of style.

You still have some time left until that Memorial Day weekend comes up, so don’t wait until the last minute to reach out to Sophie Mae for her styling skills. There is no time better than now to make that much needed change to your wardrobe to feel like a new you. Be as beautiful as the sunset at the beach and as cool as the breeze with the help from Sophie Mae. Whether it is helping you shop for the fabulous beach trip you have planned for you and your beau, or organizing your wardrobe to better fit the hotter months, Sophie Mae can do it all. Visit-

Company Name: Couture Public Relations
Contact Person: Dahee Joo
Phone: 310.734.6848

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