14 Creative Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

If you are one of those women who has masses of jewelry lying around in their room and would like to find artistic and practical ways to store them, then this article is for you!

I was going through my jewelry the other day in order to take some inspiration for my handmade jewelry shop, and realized I had masses of necklaces, bracelets and other accessories that I had completely forgotten about and were now all tangled up or broken because they had just been put all together in one single box many years ago.

It took me ages to try to figure out where one ended and the other one started because they were just all knotted together and untangling them seemed like an impossible mission.

Once I managed to get to the end of it, I had so many “new” accessories that I could use and that I swore myself that they were never going to get so tangled up again.

Truth is also that if your jewelry is not neatly organized it is so easy to forget what you have and it would be a shame to waist all those years you have past in collecting those treasuries. So I started thinking how I could solve the problem and organize all those items in a way that was practical but also visually appealing, a bit like in a jewelry shop.

I started researching the internet and blogs in the hopes to find an idea and what I came out with were actually 14 different ideas, one more creative and beautiful than the other.

Therefore, I decided to share them with you so you too can find some new ideas on how to organize your own jewelry and hopefully never find yourself in the same situation I was. Plus, they could make really great DIY projects for your week-end!

1. Frame them


This project looks really refined and complicated, but it is actually a very easy DIY jewelry display to do!

What you just need is a wooden board, a picture frame and some metallic grid. Then you need to paint the wooden board, glue on or fix with the drill some metallic grid and then add the frame on top. It will look even better than an artistic painting.

2. Put them in your wardrobe


How great would it be to open your wardrobe and find there not only your clothes, but also the jewelry to accessorize them with?

You can do that by attaching a rail with some hooks on it, a bit like the ones that you can find in men’s wardrobes to hang their ties, and use it for all your necklaces. They will be there on display for you so you can match them easily with all your dresses!

3. Display them on a statue


A very artistic way to organize your jewelry is to use a small statue or object to hang on your necklaces and bracelets. They will ornate your shelves and add a touch of color to your statue!

4. Divide them


Dividing your jewelry is a great way for not tangling them up and spot them all very easily.

You can use those plastic boxes for screws that you can find in any DIY store in order to divide all your smaller items like rings and small bracelets. They are also very easy to store and pile up, so they won’t take up much space in your room.

5. Put it in a book


This jewelry book is a very original way for storing all your earrings.

Every morning it would be like reading a great book from which you can decide what to wear. Plus, no more fear of losing your smallest jewelry in here! You can either buy the materials and make the book on your own, or buy it from notonthehighstreet.com.

6. Put them inside antique tea sets


If you are a vintage fan you will love this idea.

You can buy an antique tea set from a vintage fair or convince your grandma to lend you hers and then use it to display all your precious jewelry. A very cute and bon-ton way of organizing it! 

7. Display them in a photo frame


Who said that you can only display photos inside a photo frame? It could become also a perfect earrings organizer!

All you need to do is to take the back of the photo frame off, attach in the middle some metallic wire and the frame is ready to become your ultimate earrings’ holder.

8. Organize them in a wooden organizer 


Wooden organizers are usually used to keep DIY tools stored in them, but with a bit of fantasy they could become also quite artistic bracelets and earrings’ displays.

You just need to add some hooks to it and hang it vertically on the wall (and maybe get a man to help you).

9. Pile them up


From now on, no more throwing away your glass bottles! The easiest way to store your bracelets (and also recycle) is to pile them up on a cylindrical base, like a bottle. It will save you a lot of space and also be quite decorative!

10. Hang them on some nails


I have seen this already in a couple of houses, so I believe it is becoming a popular way of storing necklaces.

All you need to do is to attach a strip of wood on the wall and insert some long nails in it, making sure they stick out just enough for hanging your necklaces on to them.

11. Use some shop jewelry displays


You can also go classic and choose more traditional jewelry displays that you can find in most big wholesalers and online. They still look really good and they organize your jewelry perfectly, of course.

12. Hang them on a board


Another idea is to buy a cork board, the one that you would usually stick pins onto, cover it in a fabric like juta and then attach some hooks or nails on to it in order to hang your jewelry.

13. Display them on a tower


Another jewelry display you can buy in most wholesalers and online is a vertical organizer. It will take up not much space at all and you will be able to store lots of bracelets on it!

14. Use a metallic grid


A more “urban” or “industrial” option is to go for a simple metallic grid to be attached on a frame and then on the wall. Great for all your earrings. As for your necklaces though, you can opt for a tube that is attached on the wall at the ends.

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