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This next post is about a fabulous couple that runs a indie jewelry brand Midwinter from home with their two kiddos. Their jewelry has been featured on fab.com, E! News, and in magazines around the world. Their concepts are clean lined, minimalistic, and energized, making them the perfect addition to everyday life. They research where their materials are coming from, and work with US based suppliers and artisans. At least 10% of profits are given to carefully selected charities.

Midwinter Co. products are made and finished in their charming eco-friendly studio. They work with artisans in the US for unique materials as well as fair trade studios around the world.

The jewelry thats designed offers a new, fresh perspective of the raw beauty and character of natural gems. Midwinter uses perfectly flawed diamonds, rough uncut gemstones, high quality and uniquely styled metals.  Every stone is hand picked for color, shape, quality, and beauty. And the best part… The affordable prices!!

Take a look at some of these beauties…

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