iDressbot is the 1-stop dress shopping and fashion-intelligence app for fashionistas and dress aficionados. Searching for dresses using a generic search engine returns an ocean of tasteless results, yet shopping 1 designer or boutique at a time takes forever. That’s where, iDressbot for iOS and iDressbot Android come in. iDressbot’s beta version provides a search engine that searches all of the hippest, hottest, and most tasteful dresses with none of the junk. Very near future editions of iDressbot will also bring in fashion intel, an option for custom dress recommendations, info on coupons/sales, and iDressbot Pro will come out in a few months with some mind-blowing features that are currently top secret (hint: some of it has to do with location).

iDressbot was the natural result of a friendship between a very fashionable physician in her early 30’s, who is also a former model and highschool Homecoming Queen ñ whose only computer knowledge is that she like Facebook and buying dresses online ñ and her nearly polar opposite best friend, who is a nerdy Data Scientist, programmer, and entrepreneur. The fashionable doctor used to enlist the help of her nerdy best friend in shopping for dresses online on a daily basis. Eventually a little light went off in the scientists’ brain and he asked ìhey, what if I built you an app for that?î. Two years, many databases, and a few thousand lines of code later, iDressbot was born.

Anyone who loves dresses will love iDressbot (also, anyone buying a dress for someone who loves dresses). At this moment they are launching a very brief trial launch, to give their users a chance to try out iDressbot, make sure there’s no bugs and give feedback.

iDressbot is unique for several reasons. Firstly, it differs significantly from other search engines in that instead of searching and returning all of the garbage along with the occasional gems, it selects a large-but-limited set of designers, boutiques, and retailers which have been hand-picked by the fashion expert at iDressbot. As the user base grows, they’ll allow customer’s to voice their opinions on who to include, but it already has all the top names like Modcloth, Herve Leger, Stop Staring!, Pin Up Girl Clothing, etc, etc, as well as optional search settings to help you filter your results based on what you’re shopping for.

Secondly, iDressbot is different from anything else because it’s being engineered by a Machine Learning, Data Science, statistical econometrics and programming guru who will continuously deploy cool new features and functionality like ìfashion intelligenceî from the statistical analysis of thousands of fashion publications, custom dress recommendations, etc, etc, ñ and all of these potential additions to iDressbot are audited by the low-tech, high fashion half of the iDressbot team to make sure the user experience is always awesome.

Another thing that makes iDressbot unique is that the business model is this ñ if you sign up at as an early adopter over the next 2 weeks then you get iDressbot free. If you miss this beta tester promotion, then you still don’t have to pay. After moving out of beta and into production they will allow the first few dozen downloaders to have the app for free and after that you can see get iDressbot free just by getting a friend to install it.

The makers of iDressbot have no affiliation with any retailer or designer ñ iDressbot is our one and only product. This is important because it means that they really are 100% user-oriented and they use their skills and labor to bring you the most awesome dresses for you ñ not just what the stores want you to buy.

There’s no need to pay for iDressbot (or even iDressbot Pro, when it launches in Late 2015 / Early 2016) because you can either take advantage of our free app promotion for early adopters or simply tell a friend about iDressbot and get your money refunded when they install it. Just give iDressbot a chance and you’ll find that you love it as much as you love dress shopping!

iDressbot’s team says: “We are 100% user focused and this app is all about you. Want a feature? Let us know. Love it? Let us know and spread the word! Oh, and if you buy a paid version and want your money back, no problem! We’re going to make a policy/form to allow that as soon as we launch in Apple’s App Store and Google Play.”

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