How to Wear A Turban Headband

The turban-style headband has been on the market for the past little while, but I can honestly say it has taken me some time to get on board with the trend. I am not quite sure why I was hesitant- but I did determine that there is a right and a wrong way to wear the turban. If you have it on the wrong way, it can looks silly (maybe that’s why I wasn’t in love at first?) Follow these steps though, and you’ll be sitting pretty.
How To Wear A Turban Headband:
1- Your hair must lay over the top of your ears. If you have fine hair, tease it over the ears to keep it in a ‘clump, and prevent it from separating and exposing your ears.
2- The band should lay across the roundest part of your forehead covering the hairline. Too low and you look like you are wearing a blindfold, and too high and its no longer a turban.
3- Bring at least one side of hair forward close to your eyebrow. This is all about flattering the shape of your face. The band creates a BOLD horizontal line across the forehead, which can widen the face in appearance. By introducing a vertical line of hair on one side of the face, you will balance the shape and most likely feel more comfortable wearing this look.
4- Give yourself some volume on the crown first. The turban creates a halo around your entire head- this is almost a sure recipe for a flat/limp crown. Gently tease the hair at the crown of your head before you place the turban- ensuring a full healthy (non hippie) style.
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