Have Family Fun in The Sun With Klenskin!

School is out for the summer, and that means it’s time for family vacations. Just think, you and the kids at Disney Land, enjoying the attractions and rides and soaking up the sun. With all of the excitement for the fun months ahead, it’s easy to forget the most important first step to family fun: applying sunscreen! It’s no secret that sunscreen is a hassle, not only to remember to apply it, but to apply entirely. It’s time consuming, it’s greasy, and it’s heavy, but it’s an absolute necessity. So how are you to protect your family and yourself from the damaging UVA and UVB rays? By using Klenskin!


Klenskin is a revolutionary sunscreen that you apply in the shower, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. In one easy step you’re protected from sun damage by SPF 30 that you applied just by taking a shower. Klenskin is designed for easy application over your entire body, completing shielding your skin. It’s available in a sensitive skin formula and a luxurious spa formula, and most importantly, in a formula specifically for children. Klenskin Kids is designed just for your kids. It’s paraben and sulfate free, making it more than suitable for their sensitive skin. Klenskin Kids is available in a fun, sweet strawberry fragrance that awakens the senses and soothes the skin while it gently cleans. And if your child is on a nightly bath schedule, just leave the bottle by the sink and they can wash their exposed areas before you embark on your daily summer adventure!

What’s worse than having heavy sunscreen run down your sweaty face and into your eyes? Nothing! But with Klenskin you can avoid this discomfort and the general hassles that come with applying regular sunscreen to yourself and your kids. Because Klenskin comes in a shower applicable formula, it’s formulated to function as a 3-in-1 product, so you can wash your hair, face, and body and experience full and complete sun protection.

Damage to the skin because of harmful UVA and UVB rays from sun exposure often happens during typical, everyday moments. With Klenskin’s easy to apply formula, daily sunscreen application is now easier than ever for you and your entire family. And now you can better protect your little one’s skin from those rays during summer beach outings and amusement park visits in one easy step. If you’re interested in learning more about how Klenskin can make your family’s summer the best summer yet, check out their online store at: http://www.klenskin.com/.



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