Gym Etiquette- Dos and Don’ts

Hi guys, this next blog is one that I’ve wanted to write for a long time. It’s about what you should and shouldn’t do at the gym, Gym Etiquette. If you have any suggestions or input on the matter please share!

• Do dress appropriately, this isn’t the beach
• Do wear bright florescent colors, where else can u pull it off
• Do wipe down the machines after using them
• Do wash your gym clothes often
• Do take up new classes that you haven’t tried
• Do lift some weights, you won’t get jacked- I promise.
• Do hydrate yourself- its key.
• Do invest in workout gear that will last you a long time
• Do invest in some Lulu lemon yoga pants, they will last you for years and make ur rear end look golden.
•Do invest in a practical gym bag; your designer handbag doesn’t belong in there.
•Do your stretches, it’s the most important part of your workout.
•Do wear deodorant, but skip the perfume-
•Do a spinning class, you will thank me.
•Do wear a tank top with a built-in bra. Try it out in a Downward Dog before you buy it, to ensure you’re not spilling out of the top.
•Do wear a sports bra- you boobs will thank me in 10 years

• Don’t wear a fanny pack while you work out – you’re not 80
• Don’t make noises when you lift weights- it’s not appealing
• Don’t drop the weights like your Yokozuna- put them down gently
• Don’t Hog the water fountain or spit in it, remember you have class.
• Don’t wear the same yoga pants you wear to the gym on a night out
• Don’t wear yoga pants that are too tight, it will give the illusion of a muffin-top
• Don’t, I repeat, Don’t take selfies at the gym, you’re not a douchebag
• Don’t talk on your cell phone while you work-out-
• Don’t walk around bare feet in the change room, hello foot fungus!
• Don’t overdo it on the makeup, this isn’t your prom.
• Don’t buy cheap workout gear that will be one time use
• Don’t treat the locker-room like it’s your personal bathroom, pick up your towels!
• Don’t speak loudly in the sauna, it’s meant for relaxation, people don’t care about your weekend plans.
• Don’t stare. It isn’t polite. Whether it’s on the gym floor or in the dressing room, don’t make others feel uncomfortable by staring at them.
• Don’t go to the gym to socialize, that’s what restaurants are for.
• Don’t wear anything that’s loose-fitting, like a T-shirt that will fall over your head while you’re upside down.
• Don’t be afraid to sweat, it’s the toxins coming out of your body- enjoy!
• Don’t be the girl showing too much cleavage, it’s tasteless!
• Don’t overdo it on jewelry and accessories, you’re at the gym!
• Don’t wear bangles or any kind of loose jewelry. Even rings can be a hazard and dangerous
• Don’t wear your hair loose
• Don’t wear casual sneakers like Vans, invest in a good pair of sneakers that will last you a long time.

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