How To Get A Small Waist: One Fashion Trick That Works

Largely gone are the days of waif-thin supermodels—now, the ladies whose style we most covet encompass a broad range of body types and figures. With curvy ladies like Kim Kardashian rising through the ranks to achieve modern style star status, having a noticeably tiny waist seems to be something worth aiming for these days.

We’ve got a little secret to share: hitting the gym and doing thousands of crunches is only one way you can achieve the small-waist look. You can also use this incredibly easy styling trick: Wear high-waisted skirts, pants, and shorts to cinch in your natural waist and emphasize the smallest part of your body. It’s all a magic trick of perspective: your waist will instantly look smaller if you draw attention to it with a horizontal line right at your natural waist.

Scroll down to see what we mean, and to shop pieces that will help you get a smaller waist in no time!

The Full Skirt

How to Get a Small Waist: One Fashion Trick That Works

The fastest route to small-waist territory: a full-bodied, midi-length skirt worn right at your waist. The voluminous shape at the hem only serves to make your mid-section look that much smaller by contrast.

Belt It

How to Get a Small Waist: One Fashion Trick That Works

You can try this trick when you’re wearing a dress, too: Wrap a belt around your waist to mimic the look of a high-waisted skirt and blouse, achieving the same minimizing effect of wearing two pieces.

The More Fabric, The Better

How to Get a Small Waist: One Fashion Trick That Works

    • It’s a common misconception that wearing more fabric makes you look bigger—au contraire, if done properly, extra material will minimize your waist more than wearing a body-contouring look.


      Pencil Skirt

      Jenni Kayne Pencil Skirt ($345)

      The mid-thigh horizontal lace detailing will make your waist look even tinier by comparison!

    • Fishnet Pencil Skirt

      Lucy Paris Fishnet Pencil Skirt($58)

      The fishnet detailing on this skirt adds just the right amount of sex appeal.

      Hook-Fastening Belt

      Mango Hook-Fastening Belt ($30)

      The vintage-inspired hook-and-clasp has us swooning.



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