Top 10 Fashion Mistakes

People make lots of fashion mistakes. Short shorts, muffin tops and Crocs for adults are just a few of them. Here are the top ten fashion mistakes you should aim to avoid.

1. Short shorts

short shorts
Short shorts can look great on the right body, but please don’t go too short.

2. Sandals with socks

sandals with socks.JPG

Not a good look.

3. Muffin-top jeans

muffin top.JPG

This woman’s weight is normal, but her tight jeans are creating a very pronounced “muffin top.” The guy doesn’t look too hot either, with his cropped pants and socks.

4. Speaking of shorts with dress socks


NOT an attractive look, guys.

5. Adults wearing Crocs

This is cute:

This is not:

6. Wearing a racer-back or a strapless top with a regular bra


Even if the straps are supposedly “invisible.”

7. Some men will disagree, but thongs peeking from too-low-rise jeans are tacky, not sexy


8. Jeans that are too torn, or that are torn in the WRONG places


9. Oversized clothes


I don’t get the teen fashion of wearing very baggy pants. Wearing baggy clothes – especially tops – was my own fashion crime during my early twenties.

10. Too much makeup


She needs to lose the green eyeshadow and wear a lighter shade of lipstick.
Because less really is more.

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