Experience the Skincare Sensation with Omono

Today we explore the skincare drink from Japan that stops your skin timer, and uncovers the secrets to your youth and beauty.

Skin types vary amongst different people, which is for sure. Despite the variations, it is without doubt that all skin types certainly do deteriorate with age. Find this hard to believe? Look at the face of a baby or a child, and compare that to yours. Hmm… Do you notice the immense difference?

This doesn’t come as a surprise at all. Our lives and what we do have, in fact, drained life out of our precious skin, and all that we have gone through on a daily basis have seemed to take its toll on it. To make matters even worse, the nutrients under our skin that supported it and kept it plump and elastic deplete in troubling rates starting in as early as our early to mid-20s.

Your Original Skincare Routine Won’t Take You Anywhere

We beauty lovers tend to stick to the same good old (and long) skincare routines day after day: washing our face with cleansers, applying moisturizers and UV protection (if we still remember), putting on makeup and a huge chunk of other cosmetics.

And for some bizarre reason, we tend to think that as long as we are doing all of the above, we are doing just enough to keep our skin in good shape. No wonder people say that a woman’s beauty decreases with age, we are doing it all wrong because unfortunately, what you are doing routinely is just not good enough if you want to have plump, radiant skin that glows and shines.

Renowned dermatologists Anthony Pittman and Deborah Randall, MD, in Beverly Hills, California have stressed that to keep our skin in top-shape, we need skin products that are more sustainable, products that, unlike makeup, reveals our true beauty in the process. Simply put, we need to tackle our skin from deep within its roots.

This is where Omono, the revolutionary skincare drink from Japan, comes into action.

The Marvel of Skincare, the Treasure for Skin Lovers


An award-winning patented skincare powdered drink from Japan, Omono contains a perfect and extraordinary blend of 100% natural ingredients that was developed by leading scientists through years of combined research on the structure of the skin and what it takes to keep it in its topshape. Omono promises to tackle skin problems by replenishing the skin nutrients that we lost as we age, and in the process, nourishes, hydrates, renews, and reinvigorates the skin, while conquering the signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines, leaving the skin elastic and luminous.

Omono promises to deliver the ideal benefits on your skin, but without compromising on its quality. The beauty brand is further certified by the most authoritative and trustworthy safety and quality standards such as the JAS (from Japan) and the GMP. Omono further takes pride in its 100% natural ingredients that have been adjusted to the greatest details for maximum (yet safe, and effective) results.

It is however, important that we gain an insight from real-life Omono users. We were surprised when we heard about the wide scope of effects users reported to witness on their skin and appearance. “I used to have really dry and flaky skin that peels off very easily, especially after a hot bath at the end of a tiring day. I’ve been using Omono for a little more than a months now, and I noticed that my face was getting increasingly moisturized and hydrated with less and less peelings,” one user beamed.

“The little fine lines along my cheeks and jaw line had just miraculously disappeared, and there is a plump glow on my skin now!” another user gushes. “My skin felt so soft and smooth, feeling so reinvigorated and energized and appears so much brighter,” another raved. Even Emine Sari, the award-winning singer and songwriter, writes that Omono allows her to appear “flawless and shiny while performing on stage”.

Omono seems to live up to its promises, offering a 360-degree all-round skin protection that brings the very best out of the skin of its users. Time seems to be the enemy of your skin, but Omono is the secret to youth.

True Beauty Lies in Omono’s Simplicity


You do not have to make a big fuss out of your skincare routine anymore. We believe that true beauty lies in the simplest form.

Omono comes in two different versions (each with a 30-day supply) depending on what you want. The box version (ideal for lazy people like me but who still want to stay classy) contains 30 sachets of its unique powdered formula; while the canned version contains 30 servings. All you have to do is to open a sachet (or scope one serving), and mix Omono’s patented powdered formula into any favorite drink of yours (I like to add it into my orange juice before I go to bed). And guess what, you just have to do it once every day, anytime, and BOOM, there you go, the skin of your dreams will be right in front of you before you even realize.

Beauty is Right within Reach

Start working on your skin today before it is too late. Visit Omono at www.o
to learn more about this revolutionary skincare product. (Oh, and they even offer free worldwide shipping via express mail if you buy two boxes or above!)


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