European Allure With Maria Cardelli

Languid days by the canals of Venezia, women seem to float across the river on an aura all of their own. Grandmothers in pearls sipping red wine in crystal glasses, girls with bright scarves in front of artful displays of prosciutto, women in Europe exude an air of sophistication difficult to replicate. Long legged beauties at every corner, the women take pride in the way they look down to the smallest details. They invest in classic pieces that are high quality and will last throughout the years. Neutrals paired with bright colors, the women know how to draw attention to their beauty while simultaneously looking professional and polished.


Italian artist, designer, and true Renaissance woman, Maria Cardelli’s fashion line epitomizes a European woman’s class and elegance in dress and style. Her classic bags are one of a kind and crafted with the finest Italian leather. Bold and elegant with colored patterns and designs, her bag is sure to catapult any outfit into a stunner. Bright without being overpowering or cheap, her Bicolor Lime-Grass purse is sure to draw attention and perfect for the summer weather. Her Bicolor Cloud-Sky bag in light blue and tan, is a more neutral bag perfect for any outfit and sure to help you channel your inner Euopean goddess.

Like most women know, the perfect bag is a lifetime investment and should be treated as such. These bags can last many years with the proper care. These bags should be kept in a cool dry place and treated with a natural leather cream every 3-4 months. A woman of elegance understands the importance of caring for herself and her belongings, and this is reflected in what how she dresses.

With a classic bag on your arm, your outfit can only be completed with one of Maria Cardelli’s stylish silk scarves. Produced in Como Lombardia, these scarves feature unique paintings and designs, many of which are her own works. Her scarves are like secret troves of artwork, that are only truly unveiled when unrolled. The Exotically scarf is bright and colorful, and can be worn to bring color to a light summer dress or to bring sophistication to a simple outfit. When unrolled it features a painted woman that looks like it could be hung and framed in a living room. The Aggressively scarf is lighter and adds a touch of class to a normal outfit. When unrolled, it opens up to reveal a more brazen woman with chains around her neck. Her scarves can be worn around the body in numerous ways. Draped loosely across the arms, wrapped to cover the hair in the wind, or twirled around the neck, her scarves are truly one of a kind.

Maria Cardelli’s fashion line is for any woman wishing to exude a more European sophistication. Strong enough to bring together an outfit, yet classy enough for everyday wear, check them out at-

Company Name: Couture Public Relations

Contact Person: Melody Tong


Phone: 310.734.6848


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