How difficult is it to find short or long size suits?

In men’s fashion, the clothing world considers men who are 6’3 and above to be tall and those who are 5’8 or under to be small. This is the context in which the short and long size suits will be discussed. The mainstream fashion stores do not cater for this population as their sizes fall between two extremities. This makes it very difficult to find and shop for wears that will fit their body length and size perfectly.

It can get so annoying, when your friends are scouring the online stores for slim-fitted suits and other clothing materials but you are at a disadvantage because of your size range. It becomes worse when they make fun of you while they go dapper in their well-tailored suits.  I have always lived with one question for years. Why aren’t there more dapper suits for short and tall men? Finding a suit that will blend and complement with my body physique and length has been a mammoth task.

The answer to this question is however not far-fetched, it is because short and tall men constitute a small market and the mainstream stores prefer to reach out to the larger audience for profit maximization. As tenable as this reason seems, I have always felt cheated and fenced from highly-fashioned men’s suit that have inundated the market. The fact remains that, a lot of short and tall men want to go trendy and don the latest suit worn by most celebrities but are limited by their size and length.

Where do you then find suits that fit perfectly? How many online stores have you scoured to get your perfect size? How many times have you had to pay a top dollar in the event you find one? The difficulties encountered in getting suits that fit perfectly for short and tall men are just too overbearing that these crop of people may have to result to getting a custom-made suit that may not meet the quality of the suits made available on some reputable online clothing stores. Shopping for your clothing online saves you the hassles of getting a custom measurement.

Dappersrow provide a complete solution to your size needs. Get into the store and start making your selection.

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