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Bloggers, Instagrammers, and Vloggers are slowly taking over the way we view content. As the follower/subscriber count rises, so does the notoriety and opportunity to collaborate with influential people and brands. is a seamless social shopping network that not only intimately connects vloggers with viewers but directly connects vloggers with sponsors. is affiliated directly and indirectly with over 40,000 beauty and retail brands. These vloggers will be able to earn a higher commission on purchased products compared to competitors who fall short while trying to emulate this type of service. Vloggers who sign-up with are renamed Haulers, and their fan base will be able to shop popular beauty and makeup items directly from their personal profile. Here are a few tips on how to be involved in the next big thing in fashion and beauty content.

Create a Hauls Account officially launches in November but this is the perfect opportunity to sign up and get started. All you have to do to become a Hauler is post three video links that will generate into your official Hauls profile page. If your Hauls profile page is approved you are then able to go live with your content and have your followers shop your favorite brands directly from your page.

It is imperative to note that being a Hauler doesn’t mean you have to stop posting to other social media outlets. However, it would benefit you and your overall sales by shifting some of your audience base to your Hauls profile. believes that vloggers can turn 3-5% of their fans and followers into shopping super fans. Educating this percentage of your fan base to buy from your personal shopping marketplace/closet can create a high paying earning potential.

Find Your Favorite Products and Haul About It wants all your vlog post to come together organically with the brands you are discussing in your videos. You don’t have to promote every item you’re using. You are able to find what works for you and pick products that make sense, without the pressure of having to fill a sponsorship requirement. So, go out and haul till you drop. Experiment, create, discover, and share because your viewers just want to know you and the true success of your profile page lie with the authenticity of the content you create.

Track It
With every Hauler profile page, there is a backend portion that is centered on analytics and easy to navigate content creation pages. These tools will help you track where most of your shoppers are coming from, which products sold better, overall views, and access to the affiliate library of over 40,000 brands. There is even a premium video option, which allows you to post exclusive content for a fee that YOU create. This type of analytics is key when attempting to grow your personal brand into a business.
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