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Are you someone looking for a reputable public relations agency?
Couture Public Relations is a leading public relations agency, based in Beverly Hills, CA. The firm represents designers in fashion, beauty, accessories and lifestyle looking to increase their brand awareness within the fashion and entertainment communities. At Couture Public Relations, their clients are featured in the world’s top fashion magazines such as Vogue, Allure, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, People, In Style, Teen Vogue, Ok! Magazine, Us Weekly, Harper’s Bazaar and more.


Couture Public Relations takes pride in working within your budget. Whether you’re an emerging designer or an established brand, they understand the need for great PR. In these challenging economic times, designers can’t just sit back and hope to be noticed by magazines, celebrities and consumers alike. Couture Public Relations focuses on your vision and creates a winning message through numerous media channels.

“Being accessible makes you indispensable.”- Couture Public Relations

A product mention in a feature story, a photograph of an A-list celebrity wearing your brand, or a four-page spread in a worldwide fashion magazine presents a credible endorsement that you just can’t quantify.


What makes their PR agency different?
Simply put, Couture Public Relations gives every client personal attention. From up-and-coming designers to globally recognized brands, their strength lies in their ability to work closely with their clients in order to introduce their client’s brand to multiple fashion and entertainment channels. Couture Public Relations has relationships with the world’s top fashion and beauty bloggers, photographers, makeup & hair stylists, editors, fashion stylists and more. By combining their staff’s education and experience, Couture Public Relations delivers proven results. Couture Public Relations is your strongest ally and partner, dedicated to you and your brand’s success. They do everything in their power to aggressively campaign on your behalf so that you receive the highest return on your investment. In addition, they are always up-to-date with the entertainment and fashion industries, so that they can effectively place your brand in the hands of celebrities and trendsetters. Last but not least, Couture Public Relations equips you with invaluable professional advice as they work with you in order to define and polish your image through calculated strategies.

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