Cashmere Jumper for Him

What Makes A Cashmere Jumper the Perfect Christmas Present For That Special Man In Your Life

With Christmas fast approaching it’s all hands on deck to get out and buy your friends and family thoughtful and practical gifts in time for the big day. Some of the people on your list are easy to buy for, whilst others are beyond difficult. For many this can be the man in our lives, whether it’s our boyfriend, husband, dad, grandfather or brother, the elusive male sex can be tricky to read when it comes to Christmas presents. Thankfully there is an answer and that answer is cashmere jumpers. Here are 3 reasons why a cashmere jumper is the perfect girt for this situation.


Essential Winter Wear

Winter is obviously the time of year where we turn to the warmer pieces of clothing in our wardrobe, but it can be tricky to find pieces of clothing which are appropriate for multiple situations. For example, if a man chooses to wear a shirt during the summer, it can very much be multi purpose, whether that’s for work, socialising or relaxing in. When it comes to winter we seem to have lots of specialised pieces of clothing which is only appropriate to be warn in individual situations, for example its probably frowned on to wear your thick khaki parka in an important work meeting with your company’s CEO.

According to Cashmere Jumper Manufacturers The Tailor Retailored this a winter jumper on the other hand is the exception to the winter rule. “Because of its superior quality, cashmere jumpers can be both comfortable and warm whilst looking smart. They can be worm with a smart shirt and tie underneath for work purposes, worn with a polo shirt or T Shirt for socialising and perhaps accompanying that special man in your life’s favourite PJ’s for relaxing around the house.”

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Cashmeres Luxurious Quality

 Jumpers, depending on quality, are made from all manner of materials. Dependent on men’s experience of jumpers, they might not be too keen on them, for example if they have had a cheap wool jumper that leaves you itching for weeks. Cashmere is known as the luxury wool and there is are very good reasons for it.

Typically wool is measured by its fibre thickness by microns, the lower the number, the finer the fibres, which makes for softer material. Wool with high thickness is more likely to be used for coats and rugs, whereas thinner, softer wool is used to makes clothing.

Unlike wool which comes from many different breeds of sheep, Cashmere is taken from the undercoat of a Cashmere goat and it is these fibres which go towards creating these fantastically soft jumpers. While your average wool micron count will be in the mid 20s, cashmere fibres are as thin as 19 and below. It is testament of just how amazing this wool is that whilst being very thin and soft, it is actually just as warm as wool as well, making it by far the superior jumper material.

 Timeless Class

 As you can imagine, due to the specificity of harvesting cashmere (it takes one whole year for a goat to grow enough wool for a cashmere scarf), it didn’t used to be as readily available as wool as it is now. Because of this and of course its undeniable quality, it became the favoured winter warmer of the wealthy in the 18th century. The material was first brought to the west by British traders and was mostly adopted by women of high cultural status in Britain of France. Its known that French Empress of the time Josephine owned hundreds of cashmere scarves.

While this is not exactly the case in the modern day, it is still respected as a luxury item and is a material which has moved with the times so that it is always relevant and great looking. It’s fair to say we always want the best for our loved ones, and that we all carry ourselves that inch taller when carrying or wearing something which looks or feels great. Buying that special man in you’re a life will almost certainly achieve this.

If you have been struggling whilst shopping for the man in your life or even if you haven’t, then a cashmere jumper should definitely be your first port of call. Cashmere provides a look of class combined with practicality and is sure to impress him on Christmas day.

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