Is Going Braless the Next Big Street Style Trend?

As if the sweltering Summer months in NYC don’t already inspire a looser interpretation of the public dress code — bikini bottoms, playsuits, you name it — we’ve seen some ladies losing another layer, namely, their underwear. Whether it’s a reaction to the 90°F temperatures, a desire to appear a little edgier, or just a personal preference, it’s unclear. Regardless, they’re clearly starting a trend in street style that’s less about the clothes and more, well, about what they’re not wearing.

The au naturel look is a pretty common occurrence in the model world and certainly in the fashion crowd, but with real women taking on the trend, it begs the question: would you do it, too? Scroll to see how the braless trend is taking over, and then let us know what you think.

Source: Getty
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