The Best Accessories for the British Spring

Chained bags, Spanish boots, bedazzled headpieces, Pat Butcher earrings and Princess like tiaras are just a few of the stunning and completely bizarre spring trends of 2016. This season in particular, designers have been embracing the changing seasons with full blooms of glitz, glam and pretty spring colours. Although I must pre-warn you, be prepared to see your favourite high street shops full of the wildest takes on classic accessories to date, with bold patterns and statement jewels taking a back seat to rough and ready chains and edgy graphic styles.
In celebration of the blossoming spring season, we thought we would put together a little guide of the top spring accessory trends that we will be looking forward to this year – think of it as your Spring cheat sheet!
From Louis Vuitton to Prada and Burberry, leading designers across the fashion board have really gone all out this Spring – pushing winter warmers with gloomy greys and monochromatic couture to the back of the cupboard, and bold vibrant colours taking centre stage. The catwalk pushed all the handheld boundaries with their selection of bags this Spring and we are loving every second of this edgy new trend. Take a look at some of our top picks straight from the Catwalk…

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Statement Pieces
From odd sets of earrings to choker chain necklaces, statement jewellery is bigger than ever this Spring. Designers have definitely given us a run for our money this Spring with some of the bizarre trends they are setting (of course I mean bizarre in a good way!). One thing I have learnt from the Catwalk this Spring is that anything goes and you do not technically have to invest in any new pieces to achieve an ultra-chic look.
A massive trend on the runways this Spring was non-matching jewellery pieces. Odd earrings, multi-coloured bracelets and necklaces that feature colours from opposite sides of the spectrum, are all that ran through the jewels trend this year. Go wild, get edgy and challenge yourself this Spring because literally anything goes with this blossoming new season and we are completely smitten for this current wacky fashion appeal, what do you all think?

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Subtle Chic
The Catwalk was full of all or nothing pieces. As wacky and crazy as some pieces were, designers still made sure they had a little something special for those out there who are not into such bold and vibrant patterns.
Tartan has been a great running trend of late, from fall to summer this trend has been taking centre stage on the Catwalk as well as the high street. We are as much in love with this trend as when it first stormed the runways and it makes for the perfect subtle chic without being too boring in plain prints.
We thought we’d switch things up and end with a bang by picking out our favourite tartan picks from the runway as well as our much loved Great British High Street retailers such as New look and Misguided as well as boutiques such as The Spanish Boot Company.

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