Amazing Fashion & Style App onTrend



Amazing Fashion & Style App onTrend

I came across this incredibly cool new fashion and style app today, called onTrend. It let’s you video chat one-on-one with some of the ‘It Girls’ of the Instagram fashion scene. It works like this:

First, you download the app from the app store (sorry Android folks, it looks like it’s iOS only for now) and quickly sign up via your Facebook or Instagram (nice touch!).

Second, you select the stylist that best reflects the look you are striving to achieve. We’ve highlighted some of our favorites in this post, but generally speaking these some of the most amazing Instagram fashion profiles we’ve seen!

After you have selected your stylist, you simply schedule a time for your video chat appointment. It seems they have a promo going on right now at their website where you can get styled for free, but we are not sure how long that will last! When it’s time to chat, the stylist will call you and engage in a 5 minute style session with you. We find its best to focus on a specific need or event as the time can fly by!



What is real cool is that shortly after your chat, you will receive a custom look page that is created just for you that is based on the recommendations the stylist provided you in your chat! All of the looks are non-identifiable to any specific user, which allows all pages to be discoverable by anyone!

Overall, this is a very cool concept that seems to be gaining some traction and appears to be partnering with some really cool upcoming fashion brands. We’ve already discovered some amazing fashion designers on some look pages.



We highly recommend onTrend to any fashion forward person looking for the latest style tips from fashion industry insiders.

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