The 4 Best Places to Buy Vintage Clothing

Having a stiff upper lip is one of the many stereotypes that mould true British culture however, we do also love a damn good bargain and will really, really go above and beyond to get our hands on the best item for the best price. Our obvious passion for vintage clothing is probably the biggest contradiction to the stereotypes that surround our brass British culture; we don’t care about keeping composed when it comes to bargains and value. But, this is one of the many things that make us Brits who we are and we don’t care whether what we do makes sense or not because, we are Great Britain after all.
In many other countries, vintage clothing is only worn by the well-off however, this timeless and classic couture is adored by every class within Britain as it is the defining factor to what true British fashion is all about.
So for the lovers of all things vintage and pre loved, we thought we would celebrate true vintage clothing by hunting down the best places to buy vintage clothing online.
1. Vintage Stores
Messina Hembry is a great place to start your search for vintage clothing. If you don’t know much about vintage or second hand clothing and how to shop for it, then Messina Hembry is a great starting point. With their vast range of brands and labels, your vintage lover toes will be tingling at the variety of classic and timeless styles you’ll have just a click away!
The reason why Messina Hembry is my number 1 place to buy vintage clothing from is because of their vast range of not just brands but also styles of vintage clothing – remember, vintage clothing is not restricted to just one era and Messina Hembry understand this.
2. ASOS Marketplace
ASOS Marketplace definitely came in close second behind Messina Hembry in my search for the best places to buy vintage gear. The good thing about ASOS Marketplace is that it has an upper hand on other sites as it feeds off of the popularity of ASOS. Due to the masses of demand that ASOS push to their Marketplace and strong ties with suppliers, ASOS Marketplace have the benefit of being able to offer some of the most competitive prices.

3. Ebay
eBay – do I need to say much more? All vintage clothing lovers will have eBay bookmarked and favorited on every electronical device they own and will probably spend more time shopping on their than swiping through their social media newsfeed. Due to its global popularity, eBay is open to thousands of different suppliers and e-tailers all over the world meaning they have an amazing variety of all sorts of vintage clothing.

4. Depop
For those of you who haven’t heard of Depop before, Depop is the place to be for all second hand and vintage clothing lovers. There are hundred (possibly thousands) of different sellers on there that offer some amazing and stunning pieces of clothing that you would not be able to find anywhere else. If you don’t believe me go check it out for yourself, but don’t blame me when you become more addicted to it than Candy Crush.

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