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Over at 3rdeye Brand they have created designs in result of showing their support of breast cancer awareness with the use of fashions. With each look 3rdeye brand fashionbly creates an outfit that represent theses fighters and survivors overcome with the sense of encouragement throughout fashion expression. They believe you should dress the way you want to feel- No matter what. To say the least, we go through each day waking up and making  a choice whether it may result in healthiness or happiness, But 3rdeye brand chooses to support by contributing  with custom dresses , beanie hats and their “Artist Is Born” T-shirts. Knowing sometimes we can not choose the difficulty on dealing with inhabiting or the development of what IS breast cancer.

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As we now know it, October is the one month of the year that focuses deeply on this  awareness with togetherness to encourage us and reminds us on preventing  breast cancer.  Because 3rdeye Brand contribute by donating their hand Crafted designs they feel it to be a reminder of inspiration because these look will not be available anywhere else. With that gesture everyone part of this project will be expressed in the sense of uniqueness.

Aside from Breast Cancer 3rdeye Brand also design handbags accessories and men’s apparel. Which contains Casual Sweaters, Beanie Hats, Tshirts, Custom Scarfs and Zip Up Sweaters 3rdeye Brand design a clothing but expresses lifestyle. They use their clothing to express what is felt and leaves no seam for diversty because they fashion is created find your inner artist. Created by Jean Fredeling he using the phrase Hand Crafted Artistically fashionable in terms that it reflects determination and passion.


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You can check out more custom designs on their Instagram: www.instagram.com/3rdeyebrand

Check out their shop: http://www.3rdeyebrand.bigcartel.com

and connect with them: http://www.twitter.com/the3rdeyebrand

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