25 Signs You're A Total Fashion Addict

There’s no doubt about the fact that we are all avid followers of fashion. We stay abreast of all the major news, we jump at the chance to shop new collaborations, and we stalk our favorite bloggers’ Instagram feeds like it’s our job. But sometimes, being a fan can swiftly escalate to a full-blown addiction before you know it.

25 Signs You’re A Total Fashion Addict

1. You’re prepared to fight anyone who dares call your Birkenstocks “ugly.”

2. You use your car as a dressing room/portable closet on a semi-regular basis.

3. You have an alarm set for precisely when next season’s Chanel Couture show starts.

4. You have your credit card number memorized.

5. You correct all your friends when they mispronounce “Givenchy.”

6. You consider it totally reasonable to spend 50% of your paycheck on a single handbag.

7. You think you’re on BFF status with all the Kates, and you don’t care how delusional that is.

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