10 Fashion Tips And Tricks you Should Live By

We all want to feel beautiful and look presentable wherever we go. If a challenge faces us because of a fashion emergency, we’d like to come out of it triumphant. How does it feel to have a lipstick stain removed from our favorite white top? Great, isn’t it? From gladiator flats and pumps to hair emergencies and wardrobe makeover, we’re giving you 10 fashion tips and tricks you should live by.

1. There are days when you feel so down because of work, school or worries at home. Gravitate towards wearing colorful and vibrant colors like red, blue, pink, orange, yellow, purple and mint. You’ll soon find your feelings become lighter.

2. Instead of your usual rubber flip flops for summer, wear stylish gladiator flats especially when you lounge by the resort pool or when you party at the beach at night. These flats are more feminine and they draw sexiness to your feet.

3. Having an unwashed hair day? Dust off your oily hair with some loose powder. Evenly apply powder on oily hair, particularly on the scalp area and make sure you do this evenly. Dry shampoos are fine but loose powder is much cheaper.

4. When you’re wearing bodycon dresses, make it to a point you wear seamless underwear or a thong to get rid of those visible panty lines. If you’re not comfortable wearing a T-back or a G-string, opt for a seamless boyleg panties.

5. When flaunting your assets, choose only one focus for the day – either show off your cleavage or show off your legs and not both. Save the shame when you don’t want to look trashy.

6. When you run out of shaving cream, use conditioner when you shave your legs. You won’t be needing a moisturizing lotion after that because your skin will be silky smooth.

7. To make your legs look longer, wear a pair of pumps with the same tone as your legs. This will give an illusion of elongated legs. Now you can enjoy wearing miniskirts without having to look like a child in heels.

8. Invest on just one type and size of hangers in your closet. You’ll be surprised that this will save you enough space in your closet, even if you don’t throw out any of them. Using the same hangers in your garments will stack your clothes in uniform spaces.

9. If you need to have a dress shortened in just a matter of hours without having time to visit a tailor, use a double-sided tape instead of some safety pins. These tapes will also work on pants as well as the neckline of a wrap dress when a brooch isn’t available.

10. When wearing make-up, focus heavy color either on your eyes or on your lips and not both, unless you want to look like a scary mad lady for Halloween. Wear a ravishing deep red lipstick and just create a cat-eye makeup with a black eyeliner or a smokey eye makeup paired with nude lips.


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